Gershon Itzhaki

היעד שלי




המסייעים שלי



עזור לי לגייס

Dear friends,

Can you imagine a reality that your door is unlocked?

Most of the time it is not even closed and whoever wants to come in is welcome.

That you feed a few hundred people every week on your Shabbat table without demanding payment, just come and enjoy?

That when someone gets hurt or sick you run with him to the doctor, even if you have never met before?

When someone gets stuck without money, you give him first aide from your own, even if you are not sure he will return it?

All this with a constant smile, endless joy and infinite love?

Now, imagine all this happening in a foreign country, when you are far from everything you know and love?

Sounds a little unreal, but there is such a reality ..

Many of us pass by Bangkok on our way to or from Israel and it's always so good to have a place to eat a nice kosher meal, pray, rest a little or even stop over for a bountiful Shabbat.

I am sure you know already, I am talking about the Chabad House in Bangkok

Now … this house needs our help!

The owner of the existing building does not agree to renew the lease, so just before they are thrown into the street, they want to build a warm and loving home that will continue to give love from the heart to everyone.

I decided to help them raise some funds for this new building,

I invite you to join me, click on the link and participate by giving a nice donation so that they can continue their wonderful work and help many more Jews a Home away from Home.

Any donation will be much appreciated

May Hashem help you to always be on the giving side with happiness success and prosperity.



המסייעים שלי

ישראל ודסי נפרסטק